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Animal Identification Series

Advantages of Animal Identification Device

Animals can be easily identified by installing tags on their ears for easy identification and management.Both ear tags and electronic ear tags are waterproof and anti-corrosion, and can be used for a long time.By identifying the identity of the animal, unnecessary losses caused by misoperation, such as wrong application of pesticides, are avoided.Animal identification and data storage functions can improve breeding production efficiency and reduce management costs.Electronic ear tags can store a large amount of data, including animal identity, vaccination records, health status, etc., providing strong data support for breeding management.


Uses of Animal Identification Device

An ear tag is a small metal or plastic mark for identifying livestock, usually used on cattle, sheep, pigs, horses and other animals. The animal's breed, sex, date of birth and other information are marked on the ear tag, and the identity of the animal can be determined by reading the label. The ear tags can be permanently attached to the animal's ears and will not fall off. The information on the ear tags can be manually recorded on file or in a computer system for managers to track and manage the herd.

Both ear tags and electronic ear tags are tools commonly used in animal husbandry to identify livestock. Their use can increase the efficiency and precision of pasture management.


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