Liquid Nitrogen Container Series

Liquid Nitrogen Container Series

Advantages of Liquid Nitrogen Container Series:

Liquid Nitrogen Container Series is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, rust-resistant, and durable.Liquid Nitrogen Container Series has explosion-proof, pressure-proof, and leak-proof safety measures to effectively protect the safety of operators and stored items. Liquid Nitrogen Container Series adopts a humanized design, and the operation is easy to learn and does not require professional skills.


Uses of Liquid Nitrogen Container Series:

Containers must not be overloaded to avoid safety accidents.After the container is used, the residual liquid nitrogen should be removed to avoid accidents when storing or moving. Do not pour liquid nitrogen into a closed space to avoid explosion of oxygen and liquid nitrogen. The storage location of the container should be in a ventilated, dry, well-lit place, away from fire sources and flammable items.During the use of the container, the working status of the pressure relief device should be checked at any time to ensure safe use.

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