Plastic Steel Syringe

Plastic Steel Syringe

Plastic steel syringes are medical devices designed for various applications, featuring a combination of plastic and steel materials. The plastic components contribute to the syringe's lightweight and disposable nature, while steel elements, such as the needle or plunger, provide strength and durability. These syringes are commonly used in medical and industrial settings, offering a versatile solution for precise and controlled fluid administration or extraction. 


Why Choose plastic Steel Syringes?



Plastic steel syringes are often more durable than traditional plastic or glass syringes. The combination of plastic and steel enhances the overall strength and longevity of the syringe, making it suitable for repeated use.

Chemical Resistance

The use of plastic and steel materials in the syringe construction provides resistance to a wide range of chemicals. This makes plastic steel syringes suitable for applications where compatibility with different substances is crucial.

Precision and Accuracy

The use of steel in the syringe components, such as the plunger, can contribute to better precision and accuracy in dosage delivery. This is essential in medical and scientific applications where precise measurements are critical.


Plastic steel syringes are often lighter than their all-steel counterparts, making them more convenient for users. This is especially beneficial in medical settings where healthcare professionals need to handle multiple syringes during their work.


Plastic steel syringes can provide a cost-effective alternative to all-steel syringes. The combination of materials allows for the benefits of steel without the higher production costs associated with using steel exclusively.

Reduced Risk of Breakage

Compared to glass syringes, plastic steel syringes are less prone to breakage, which can be crucial in environments where accidental drops or impacts may occur.

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