• SA102-B Double - barreled Continuous Syringe

SA102-B Double - barreled Continuous Syringe

Overall, the 2ml Double Barrel Luer Lock Continuous Syringe offers convenience, safety, efficiency, optimal medicine delivery, and accurate dosing, making it an invaluable tool in healthcare settings.

Product Description

Advantages of Dual Syringe

●Its dual-tube design allows two medicines to be administered at the same time, providing convenience and high efficiency for medical personnel. This feature eliminates the need for separate injections, saving time and reducing animal discomfort.

●The Luer lock mechanism provides a secure connection between the syringe and needle, ensuring no leaks or accidental disconnection during dosing. This increases safety and minimizes the risk of contamination or medicine waste.

●The continuous delivery capability of the dual syringe allows for a smooth and controlled flow of medicine, eliminating the need for multiple injections and reducing overall pain and trauma associated with injections for animals. This feature is especially beneficial for animals that require frequent or prolonged dosing.

●The dual syringe's 2ml capacity allows for precise dosing, minimizing the risk of dosage errors and improving medicine efficacy. This is especially important for medicines that require precise measurements or for animals with specific dosage requirements.


Overall, the 2ml double barrel luer lock continuous syringe offers convenience, safety, efficiency, optimal medicine delivery, and accurate dosing, making it an invaluable tool in healthcare settings. If you want to know more information about dual syringe, please contact us. We will provide professional answers.

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Product specification

Left is 2ml, right is 2ml .

Product material

Brass raw material with chrome plated

Nylon handle

Product features

Double barrel

Luer-lock adaptor

High accurate valve system

Light weight



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