• SA106 Continuous Syringe E -Type

SA106 Continuous Syringe E -Type

Precision: Syringes can precisely measure and administer small amounts of liquid medicine or substances. Increments of 0.5ml, 1ml, 2ml and 5ml provide flexibility in dosing precision.

Product Description

Basic Information of E-Type Continuous Syringe

Product material

Brass raw material with chrome plated

Product features

Luer-lock adaptor

High accurate valve system

Light weight

Precise dosage control


Specification Details of E-Type Continuous Syringe


Discover the pinnacle of fluid delivery precision with our meticulously crafted E-type continuous syringe . With a range of options catering to every dosage requirement, our syringes redefine accuracy and adaptability:

► 0.5ml: 0.01-0.5ml continuous and adjustable

► 1ml: 0. 02-1ml continuous and adjustable

► 2ml: 0.1-2ml continuous and adjustable

► 5ml: 0.2-5ml continuous and adjustable


Advantages of Continuous Syringe E-Type



E-type continuous syringe can precisely measure and administer small amounts of liquid medicine or substances. Increments of 0.5ml, 1ml, 2ml and 5ml provide flexibility in dosing precision.


With its continuous design, the E-type continuous syringe is able to deliver fluid without interruption, eliminating the need for multiple syringes or refills.


The adjustable feature of the continuous syringe E-type allows dosing to be tailored to the specific requirements of the animal's condition.

●Easy to use

The E-type continuous syringe is easy to hold and operate, with clear markings and smooth plunger movement. This friendly design simplifies the process of measuring and delivering precise volumes of liquid, reducing the possibility of error or waste.


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