• SA110 Multi function continuous injection (irrigation) medicine device

SA110 Multi function continuous injection (irrigation) medicine device

Elevate animal care with our advanced medicinal continuous drench equipment. Precision and innovation for healthier livestock.

Product Description

Basic information of Medicinal Continuous Drench Equipment


Product specifications

2ml 5ml

Flling liquid reserves:


Diluted bottle residue is less than or equal to


Measurement accuracy

Full capacity error less than 3%


Advantage of Medicinal Continuous Drench Equipment


● Versatility

The medicinal continuous drench equipment can be used for both continuous injection of drugs and flushing. This allows medical professionals to seamlessly administer medicines or infusions to animals.

●Accurate dosage

The medicinal continuous drench equipment has two capacities of 2ml and 5ml, which can accurately and precisely measure drugs. This ensures that the correct amount of drug or fluid is delivered to the animal, minimizing the risk of under- or overdose.

●Ease of use

The device is designed for convenience and ease of use. Its compact size and friendly features allow veterinarians to handle and administer medications efficiently and practically.

● Continuous Flow

The device allows for a continuous flow of medication, ensuring stable and consistent delivery. This is especially useful in situations where a continuous supply of medication or fluids is required, such as IV therapy or wound irrigation.

● Cost-effective

The multifunctional unit does not require separate injection and irrigation tools or equipment. Not only does this save the cost of buying multiple devices, it also reduces the storage space required.

● Time-Efficient

With our medicinal continuous drench equipment, administering medicinal drenches becomes a streamlined process. Save time without compromising on the quality of care.

● Durability

Crafted with the highest quality materials, our medicinal continuous drench equipment is built to withstand the rigors of everyday use, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.


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