• SA116 Adjustable Plastic Steel Syringe (TPX)

SA116 Adjustable Plastic Steel Syringe (TPX)

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Adjustable Plastic Steel SyringeTPX

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Adjustable dose 0.5-100.5-20ML


The veterinary adjustable plastic syringe (TPX) is a tool used for animal injections. It has adjustable features and can adjust the injection volume according to different injection needs. The syringe is made of plastic steel (TPX), which is strong and durable.


1. Strong durability: TPX syringes have excellent durability and corrosion resistance and can be used for a long time without being easily broken or rusted.

2. Easy to adjust: The syringe has an adjustable design, and the injection volume and injection speed of the medicinal solution can be easily adjusted according to actual needs to meet the requirements of veterinarians.

3. High safety: TPX material has good biocompatibility and will not cause side effects or allergic reactions to animals. Therefore, when using this syringe to inject drugs, the safety of animals can be ensured to the greatest extent.

4. Easy to clean and disinfect: The syringe made of TPX has a smooth surface and does not absorb bacteria or drug residues. It is easy to clean and disinfect, effectively preventing cross-infection.

5. Easy to operate: The syringe is reasonably designed, the handle is comfortable to hold, and the operation is simple and convenient. It will not bring too much work burden to the veterinarian and improves work efficiency.

Overall, the advantages of veterinary adjustable plastic syringes include durability, ease of adjustment, high safety, easy cleaning and disinfection, and ease of operation, making them one of the commonly used tools for veterinarians in animal medical procedures.


1. Preparation: Make sure the syringe is clean and remove all possible contamination parts. Make sure you have enough injection fluid and needles.

2. Select the required needle: select the appropriate size and length of the needle according to the injection requirements. Make sure the needle is intact.

3. Adjust the injection dose: Adjust the dose indicator on the syringe to the desired dose. Make sure the scale on the indicator is clearly visible.

4. Prepare the injection: Take out the required injection from the bottle or container to ensure that there are no impurities and contamination.

5. Connect the needle: connect the selected needle to the front end of the syringe, make sure the connection is tight and not loose.

6. Prepare the injection site: Select a suitable injection site on the animal's body. Common injection sites include intramuscular and subcutaneous injections.

7. Injection: Insert the needle into the selected injection point. Slowly press down on the syringe handle to slowly inject the injection into the animal.

8. Complete the injection: slowly withdraw the needle from the injection site and gently hold the injection site with a sterile cotton ball. Dispose of used syringes and needles to ensure proper disposal.

Please note that the use of veterinary syringes should comply with relevant hygiene and safety regulations. When using syringes, it is important to properly dispose of medical waste to avoid possible contamination and injury.

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