• SA118 Metal Syringe (With Luer-lock)

SA118 Metal Syringe (With Luer-lock)

Product Description


Product specification

10ml,20ml,20mlB,30ml,40ml,50ml,50mlB, 100ml

Product material

Luer-lock adaptor

Brass raw material with chrome plated

Product features

Glass tube easy for cleaning

Adjustable rubber piston rod


Veterinary Metal Syringe (With Luer-lock) is a syringe made of metal, suitable for medical operations such as injection, blood collection or perfusion on animals by veterinarians or animal care personnel. The syringe adopts Luer-lock connector design to ensure a tight and safe connection with other medical devices.


1. High-quality metal material: The syringe is made of high-quality metal material, which ensures that it is sturdy and durable, and can maintain its functionality and performance during long-term use.

2. Accurate injection: The syringe has precise graduations and capacity, making the animal injection process more accurate and precise.

3. Safe and stable: Luer-lock joint design is adopted to ensure firm, tight and safe connection between the syringe and other devices, avoiding unnecessary leakage and damage.

4. Easy to operate and clean: The design of the syringe makes it easy to operate, and convenient for cleaning and disinfection, ensuring the safety and hygiene of medical operations.

5. Multifunctional use: Veterinary Metal Syringe (With Luer-lock) is suitable for various veterinary or animal care operations, such as vaccination, infusion, blood collection, infusion of drugs, etc.

Please note that this product is only suitable for use by veterinarians or professional animal care personnel, and should be operated in accordance with the corresponding operating procedures and recommendations to ensure safety and accuracy.


1. First, make sure the veterinary Plastic Steel Syringe (TPX) is clean and not damaged or has any impurities.

2. Add drug or liquid to Veterinary Plastic Steel Syringe (TPX). Medications or liquids can be drawn using a special syringe or by inserting directly into the mouth of a bottle or container.

3. Before injecting, check the syringe for air bubbles. Tap the syringe gently to allow air bubbles to rise to the tip. Then, slowly push out the bubbles until only the medication or liquid is in the syringe.

4. Locate the site to be injected. Often, this requires some professional training or advice to ensure safe and correct injections.

5. After the injection is complete, slowly withdraw the needle from the skin. Use a cotton ball or antiseptic to wipe the injection site to ensure infection does not occur.

6. Dispose of used syringes and needles safely. Discard or recycle according to local regulations for medical waste disposal.

Please note that the above steps are basic guidelines only and may vary depending on the advice of your veterinarian or professional. Before using, seek the advice of your veterinarian or professional and follow their guidance.



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