• SA120  Adjuster PVC Infusion with steel needle

SA120 Adjuster PVC Infusion with steel needle

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With SUS304 stainless steel needle

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With Adjuster


Adjuster PVC Infusion with steel needle is a product suitable for use in the veterinary field. The product is made of PVC material and can be used in the infusion process of animals. The infusion set is equipped with a steel needle, which can be quickly and accurately inserted into the animal's skin for infusion. The steel needle has high durability and corrosion resistance, and can be used for a long time without being easily damaged.


The product has a compact design, is easy to carry and store, and is convenient for veterinarians to perform animal infusion therapy anywhere. Its regulator can be adjusted according to different infusion needs to ensure proper infusion speed and avoid problems caused by too fast or too slow infusion.


This veterinary Adjuster PVC Infusion with steel needle is very suitable for use in places such as veterinary clinics, breeding farms or animal hospitals, for infusion treatment of dogs, cats, cattle, horses, birds and other animals. It is a safe and reliable infusion set that can provide accurate and comfortable infusion experience and help animals recover faster.



1. PVC material has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, which can effectively protect the steel needle and prolong the service life.

2. The needle is made of steel with high hardness and strength, which can penetrate the skin and tissue on the veterinary syringe, reducing the pain and damage of puncture.

3. Used as a regulator for veterinary use, the flow and speed of the injection can be adjusted as needed to ensure the accuracy and safety of drug administration.

4. Veterinary Adjuster PVC Infusion with steel needle is compact in design and easy to operate, and is suitable for injections in various veterinary occasions and animal species.

5. PVC material can be easily disinfected and cleaned, which can effectively avoid cross-infection and spread of diseases.

6. The steel needle has a smaller outer diameter and sharpness, which reduces the irritation and pain during injection and reduces the animal's pressure and resistance.

7. This veterinary regulator is compatible with standard syringes and can be seamlessly connected and used with other supporting products, making it convenient and practical.


1. Preparation: Ensure the operating environment is clean and disinfect the required instruments and accessories.

2. Veterinarians or trained professionals should wear gloves and other necessary personal protective equipment.

3. Place the veterinary Adjuster PVC Infusion on a clean surface to ensure that the contact surface is not contaminated.

4. Check that the veterinary Adjuster PVC Infusion is in good condition without any damage or visible defects.

5. Use a syringe to load the required drug or liquid into the liquid chamber of the veterinary Adjuster PVC Infusion.

6. Fix the animal to be injected in a suitable position to ensure safe and stable operation.

7. Based on the animal's needs and conditions, select the appropriate needle and attach it to the veterinary Adjuster PVC Infusion.

8. Gently turn the needle upside down to ensure that the medicine can flow smoothly and avoid obstruction during injection.

9. Select the injection site. Common injection sites include the neck, femoral muscle, subzygomatic vein, etc. Choose according to the specific situation.

10. Slowly insert the needle into the skin or vein at the injection site and gradually advance to the desired depth.

11. Pay attention to the speed and intensity when injecting, and adjust according to the animal's weight and health condition to avoid discomfort or damage to the animal.

12. Inject the medicinal solution slowly and observe the animal's reaction and resistance to ensure the accuracy and safety of the injection.

13. After the injection is completed, pull out the needle slowly and smoothly, and treat the injection site with disinfectant to avoid infection.

14. Safely handle or clean and disinfect the veterinary Adjuster PVC Infusion to ensure it can be used again in the future.

Please note that before injecting with the Veterinary Adjuster PVC Infusion, it is recommended to consult a veterinarian or professional to ensure correct operation and safety.


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