• SA122 Needle for Bovine Tuberculosis syringe

SA122 Needle for Bovine Tuberculosis syringe

Product Description


Product material

sus304 stainless steel pipe

Very sharp needle with tri-beveled

Product Specification

10pcs per plastic box


This veterinary bovine TB syringe is equipped with a fine needle used in cattle and is designed to prevent and treat tuberculosis in cattle. The syringe has a precise needle that easily penetrates the cow's skin and injects the drug. The fine tip design of the needle ensures minimal discomfort and trauma and provides a stable injection process.


The syringe was designed with the needs of veterinarians and farmers in mind. It has a comfortable handle for operator comfort and stability. The material of the syringe is durable and easy to clean, and it can be used repeatedly, suitable for long-term use.


In addition, the syringe is equipped with an adjustable liquid volume control, allowing the operator to flexibly adjust the dose of the drug according to the specific situation. This provides veterinarians with greater flexibility and accuracy to ensure the best possible effect of the medication.


In summary, the Veterinary Bovine Tuberculosis Syringe is a professionally designed tool that makes the injection process for preventing and treating bovine tuberculosis safer, more comfortable and more precise. It is one of the indispensable tools for veterinarians and farmers, helping to ensure the health and well-being of the herd.


1. Wide applicability: This syringe is specially used for bovine tuberculosis vaccine injection in the veterinary field and is suitable for use by professionals such as veterinarians or farmers.


2. High safety: The syringe is made of high-quality materials to ensure that there are no impurities or contaminants during the injection, thereby reducing the risk of infection caused by injection.


3. High accuracy: The syringe has precise graduations and capacity, which can ensure accurate vaccine dose injection and help prevent and control bovine tuberculosis.


4. Simple operation: The syringe design is simple and easy to use, and the injection operation is convenient. Professionals can easily perform injections and reduce the risk of operation errors.


5. Economical: Compared with other injection devices, the price of the syringe is more reasonable, and it has high durability and can be used many times, helping to reduce the cost of veterinarians or farmers.


6. Strong reliability: The syringe is durable and adopts advanced manufacturing technology to ensure that it is not easy to be damaged or leaked injections during use, and to provide stable and reliable injection effects.


1. Preparation:


- Ensure the work area is clean and hygienic.


- Check that the needle is intact and free of any dirt or damage.


- To prevent cross infection, wear suitable gloves and other personal protective equipment.


2. Prepare injection solution:


- Prepare the correct medication and dosage according to the instructions of the veterinarian or physician.


- Check the expiry date of the medicine and the storage conditions of the medicine.


3. Prepare the animals:


- Position the animal to be injected in a safe and comfortable position.


- If necessary, clean the skin at the injection site of the animal to ensure that the injection area is clean.


4. Needle assembly:


- Remove the needle package and make sure it is compatible with the syringe being used.


- Connect the needle to the syringe according to the instructions for use.


5. Techniques and Injections:


- Take the syringe with a steady hand.


- Insert the needle into the animal's injection site as directed by your veterinarian or physician.


- Inject the medicine slowly to avoid discomfort or pain that may be caused by a quick injection.


- After the injection is complete, slowly withdraw the needle from the injection site on the animal.


6. Disposal of waste:


- Ensure safe disposal of injection waste, such as needles, etc.


- Dispose of waste properly in accordance with local hygiene and environmental regulations.


Please note that before using any medical device, be sure to read and follow the product-related instructions for use or consult a professional veterinarian or physician for guidance.


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