• SA204 Neck Tag

SA204 Neck Tag

By using these livestock neck tags, producers are able to keep track of individual animals within their herd, identify animals quickly and easily in the event of an emergency, and trace animal movements for disease control purposes.

Product Description

Livestock neck tags are used to keep track of an animal's identity within a livestock population. The tags typically include a unique identification number, which can be linked to information about the individual animal and its pedigree. The tags may also provide space for additional information, such as vaccination records or breeding data.


Product material


Product features

flexibility and adjustability


Advantages of Livestock Neck Tag


Abrasion Resistance

The material is able to withstand various weather conditions.

Flexibility and Adjustability

Livestock neck tags are able to comfortably fit the necks of animals of different sizes. They usually have a buckle or snap closure system that ensures a secure fit around the animal's neck, preventing loss or movement.


Livestock Neck Tag FAQs


• Why are livestock neck tags important?
Livestock neck tags help farmers identify individual animals in their herd, which enables them to provide better animal care, monitor health and genetic information, keep accurate records for breeding stock selection, and maintain accurate records of production. Neck tags also enable farmers to keep track of their animals and easily establish ownership if they are lost or stolen. In short, neck tags are a useful and inexpensive tool for tracking and managing livestock.


• How do I choose the right livestock neck tag for my needs?
When selecting a livestock neck tag, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. First, consider what type of animal the neck tag will be attached to. Different animals have different sizes and levels of activity, and the neck tag needs to be able to withstand movement through a variety of environments and stay securely in place. Also, depending on the animal’s size and habits, you may need to choose a neck tag that is larger or smaller than average. For example, if your animal is smaller and more active, you may want a smaller neck tag that won’t get easily caught on underbrush. On the other hand, if your animal is larger and less active, you may want to choose a larger tag that can be securely attached. Finally, consider the identification method that you would like to use with the neck tag, whether numbered, color-coded, or custom-engraved.


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