Veterinary Syringe Series

Veterinary Syringe Series


Advantages of veterinary syringes

The veterinary syringe is equipped with a fixed needle and is easy to operate.The veterinary syringe injects faster, which can improve injection efficiency, shorten operation time, and reduce veterinary labor intensity.Veterinary syringes are packaged in aluminum foil, which is convenient for storage, management and transportation in processing plants and veterinary institutions.


Uses of veterinary syringes

Sterilize veterinary syringes and needles to avoid bacterial infection and cross-infection.Pay attention to observe the animal's reaction during the injection, especially do not insert the needle into the muscle bone, which will cause pain and damage.After use, syringes and needles should be cleaned and disinfected in time. Store your syringes and needles properly and check them regularly for proper use.


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